FMS Extra 300 E300 1300mm FMS063 3D Aerobatic RC Airplane PNP

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The FMS Extra 300 is without a doubt one of the best built aerobatic RC planes on the market. This plane is built like a tank with high quality features throughout. Multiple carbon spars give the wings the perfect combination of strength and flexibility, the entire plane utilizes 17g metal gear servos (no 9g or plastic gear servos on this plane!), the rudder has pinned hinges for extra safety and performance, and the elevator halves are joined by a thick plastic spar to ensure strength and perfect alignment during fast maneuvers. The build quality of this plane is second to none.

This plane has the amazing versatility to handle perfectly at both very high speeds and very low speeds. Hovering, harriers, knife edge flight, and outside loops can be performed with relative ease. This is one great plane which is capable of most, if not all, 3D maneuvers. While the FMS Extra 300 is very easy to land, the scale rubber tires and heavy-duty, thick gauge metal landing gear are ready to absorb the shock of the occasional not so perfect landing.

FMS considered every detail when designing this plane. There is even a separate compartment on the bottom of the plane for your receiver and antenna. The receiver compartment is easily accessible by removing a magnetic hatch cover. The separate battery compartment on the top of the plane also has a strong magnetic hatch and plenty of room for a variety of battery sizes.

Many customers ask if this plane can be flown by individuals who do not have any 3D skills or are not 3D pilots. The answer is absolutely YES! The other question we are frequently asked about the FMS 3D planes is how they handle in windy conditions. These FMS 3D planes are absolutely amazing in windy conditions.

Brand: FMS
Product Name: Extra 300
Product NO.: FMS 063
Wingspan: 1300mm/51.2in
Overall Length: 1285mm/50.6in
Flying Weight: 1880g
Motor Size: 3648-KV760 Brushless Motor
CG (center of gravity): 120mm From leading edge
Prop Size: 13*5 three blades scale propeller
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14+
Experience Level: Intermediate
Motor: 3948-KV760 Brushless motor
ESC: 60A ECS with 3A SBEC,T Connector
Servo: 4*17g metal gear servo
Recommended Battery: 14.8V 2600mAh 25C Lipoly battery (not included)
Recommended Radio System: 4-6 Channel Radio (not included)
NB. Battery charger is not included.

– Exceptional scale detail including hand painted pilot figure, factory applied graphics, and three blade sport propeller
– Built from the ground up for durability with heavy gauge metal landing gear, 17g metal gear high torque servos, carbon fiber reinforced main wing panels, plastic spar reinforced elevator, and nylon pinned rudder hinges
– Made with durable, damage resistant EPO foam
– Separate receiver and servo compartment with magnetic hatch cover
– Spacious battery compartment gives pilots the option of flying light weight 4S batteries for full 3D or larger 4S batteries for more sport and longer run times
– Large, scale control surfaces for advanced 3D and aerobatic flight
– Powerful 60A ESC and 760Kv Motor
– Motor, ESC, and servos come pre-installed for your convenience
– Large scale, stable flight platform handles windy conditions, and bold graphics make the Extra 300 easy to see even at long distances

Package includes:
1 x FMS Extra 300 RC Airplane
1 x 3948-KV760 Brushless motor
4 x Servo
1 x ESC
1 x Propeller
1 x Landing Gear


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