US PRO Pro 7 Piece Extra Long Ring Spanner Set



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This expert set is manufactured from the highest quality Chrome Vanadium steel. Super Long and slender shafts with thick ring heads provide great grip on nut heads. The mirror polished finish looks great is easily cleaned and provides maximum durability. The ring head of the spanner extends out from the shaft on one side and sits flush with the shaft on the other side to allow you to reach awkward nuts and bolts. Sizes: 8 x 10mm (Approx Length: 234mm). 11 x 13mm (Approx Length: 329mm). 14 x 15mm (Approx Length: 369mm). 16 x 17mm (Approx Length: 409mm). 18 x 19mm (Approx Length: 409mm). 20 x 21mm (Approx Length: 415mm). 22 x 24mm (Approx Length: 432mm). Supplied in a hard wearing pouch with velcro strap.

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